Shawn Gray


武号 龍雲
"Ryū Un" ( dragon cloud )
Shawn Gray has been a student of martial arts since 1984 and spent over 17 years training in Japan under Bujinkan Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi and his senior Japanese students, often serving as interpreter and Uke. Since founding Bujinkan Gray Dōjō in Japan in 2000, Shawn has frequently been invited to share his understanding of the Bujinkan martial arts in training seminars internationally. Shawn is a recipient of the Bujinkan Gold Dragon Award and the Bujinkan Shingitai Award, has appeared in the media many times in Japan and abroad in connection with Bujinkan training, and has translated much of Hatsumi Sōke's work into English, notably his recent book, "The Complete Ninja: The Secret World Revealed".