The Bujinkan Way

Experience the essence of authentic Japanese martial arts in an informal, non-competitive atmosphere.
Develop your abilities and grow to master yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Learn effective and efficient self-defense techniques.
Discover ways of applying martial arts strategy & philosophy to the challenges of daily life.

Bujinkan Budō

is a complete set of martial arts skills and philosophy directly inherited from family lineages of feudal Japan. These arts have not been watered down for modern sporting application, retaining their practical approach.


Where & When

(月) MON 18:30-20:00
(金) FRI 18:30-20:00
龍玉庵・ Ryūgyoku An
80 Underhill Road
Featherston, South Wairarapa

Hands On

instruction with an experienced mentor and a good group of people makes for a supportive environment in which to learn, grow, and develop your abilities - in new ways that may surprise you!

Words of Wisdom

"To get this to work you have to move very lightly and naturally so that your opponent does not feel you pulling. Otherwise, your opponent will pull back."
-- Understand? Good. Play!

Self Defense

means thinking outside the box and applying unorthodox methods to defeat larger, stronger opponents. Learn how to manipulate balance and respond to pressure in ways that let you stay safe.


is the philosophy at the heart of Bujinkan Budō - to keep going despite all obstacles, with patience and equanimity of spirit. Learning to persevere in the face of difficulty equips us for life outside the Dōjō as well.